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Château Le Luc Regula

Bordeaux Supérieur

Le Bois Sacré 2020

« Une note fumée se détache finement du verre dès le premier nez, puis arrivent les fruits noirs. En bouche, le vin se montre consistant, généreux, cossu, parfumé de nuances viandées et goudronnées. Une cuvée aboutie. »

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Château Le Luc Regula


Le Bois Sacré 2019

"[ Three grape varieties] united for the better in this glorious vintage with its dark colour and purple highlights. The nose, complex and elegant, expresses itself around ripe fruit (blackberry, strawberry, cherry) enhanced by delicate spicy notes. A soft attack introduces an ample, dense, suave and long palate, supported by extracted tannins with measure and finesse. Irresistible.“


Château Le Luc Regula

Bordeaux Supérieur 

Le Bois Sacré 2015

"This wine catches the eye with its deep, intense color. On the nose, it shows a great complexity: notes of roasting, exotic wood, sweet spices and red fruits. The palate offers plenty of volume, opulence and power around silky tannins."

Château Le Luc Regula


Le Bois Sacré 2016

« The aromatic expression is shared between black fruits and a grilled and vanilla wood. The palate, supple and fresh in attack, evolves towards roundness, supported by firm tannins that play a little shoulder in the final. »

Tasting 2nd of May 2018 signed Pascal Leonetti
"Best wine steward of France 2006"

Bordeaux Supérieur 2015 Château Le Luc Regula​

The dress is red ruby with purple reflections, of big intensity. The record is brilliant, crystal clear, transparent.

The wine presents a brilliant youth.

The nose is frank, pleasant, intense. The range of smells is dominated by wooded one luxurious one. We feel the vanilla, the cigar box, as well as the fine floral touches, violet. The aeration amplifies these smells and reveals the cedar, the gravy, but also the cocoa, the red berries to the brandy and the spicy finely ferruginous, black point, the pepper.


The nose translates an excellent maturity of grapes, glorified by the quality and the control of the breeding. In sync with the nobility of the raw material, it sublimates the expression of the soil at this stage of the evolution. Excellent work!!!


The attack in mouth is dense, the support strong alcohol. We evolve on an environment in the frank liveliness, marked by the pearling and a rare salt point. We find the range of aromas of the nose, always dominated by wooded one noble. We perceive the vanilla, the coconut, the cedar, the cigar box, the flowers, the violet, the spices, the black pepper, the gravy, the cherry, the red berries in the brandy, the cocoa and, always between the lines, this singular ferruginous point. The mature tannin presents a firm and astringent point. Finale, of beautiful length, 8-9 caudalies, mark a fine liveliness and a persistent astringency.


The structure presents a fleshy, voluminous balance, without losing in elegance and freshness. It leans on a range of aromas complex and a noble and delicious tannin.

I recommend to be of use this wine to the temperature of 15°C, without aeration, directly to the bottle, to express, optimize all its dimension and its complexity.


To have a rough time right now and on a decade, I like associating it, at table, at a flavourful cooking. A leg of lamb was stuffed in mushrooms, new potatoes in the thyme, one plucked of Iberian pork in cherries and sherry vinegar or net of beef in Wellington and black truffles.

Pascal LEONETTI « Best wine steward of France 2006 ».



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